Fashion shower curtains, both of the quality and curtain style are fit well what people demand. During the producing processes, some advanced technologies and methods are used to improve the shower curtain’s quality. Now let us take a short view to what the fashion shower curtain have achieved a grade of the high usage stander.

First:Jacquard and Printed Shower Curtains Have Solid Fastness

There are two crafts are used to process the curtain patterns of the fashion shower curtain during the producing process. One is jacquard while the other one is printed craft. The technologies of these two crafts have achieved a high stander to create a solid fastness guarantee no fading when use fashion shower curtain for home decoration.


Dyeing Fabric Follow Environmental Protection Standards

During the curtain producing process, the other fabric is the dying yarn which also follow the national environmental protection stander without any cadmium composition that safe and good for heath when used for home decor.

Fashion shower curtains

These are the standers of fashion shower curtain. As a reference to purchase a fashion shower cor home decoration in the future.