Each designer wedding dress, after you wearing it on you wedding, you should carefully maintain them. As a newcomer own pictures, or as a respect for the designer wedding dress is worth mentioning. On the maintenance of the wedding dress, you need to grasp a lot of details.

First, at the time of purchase designer wedding dress, be sure to understand to understand what is the material fo the wedding. Especially in those sequin dress and shiny beads. They have kind of a special process. These must be detailed inquiry at the time of purchase. In the latter part of the maintenance in order to be able to notice these details.

wedding dresses

Second, in the wash when the wedding will seize key positions. On general, the couple made ​​a wedding of their own, after you wearing it or the after your wedding, you always will wash it and save it up. When you clean the wedding dress, the best ways is use water to soak and wash it. Because there are beads and sequins top. Any chemical detergent is not suitable. After you soak the dress for a while. Then you can use the mild detergent soak. This can be another wedding on liquor and other substances dirty washing clean.

Third, before the collection of wedding make sure the wedding is completely dry clean. So as to finalize the collection. Collection time must be placed in a cool, dry place. Do not put it hung up. Avoid because of the weight of designer wedding dress and wedding generate leads downward vertical force. Resulting in a stretched or pulled right wedding cracks occurred.

wedding dresses

Finally, it should be noted that the people involved in the wedding collection complete any one operation will wash your hands every time. So as not to stick to the hands of cosmetics, then leave the small yellow spots on the wedding. In addition to wedding Fanshai once every year to ensure the integrity of its elasticity.