Bedroom occupies a very important position in the home decoration,where is we rest and sleep,which is much more intimate than the living room in terms of space. When we designed for the bedroom,we must take into account the subjective feelings of host,it’s comfortable and yet elegant. We can see from the following aspects of the design space in the bedroom.

As the cleanness is an important element,so we can put the bed in the bedroom design the first location is about 10 cm high wooden platform,then choose the bed when we should not be too high to select the appropriate bed. This ensures that dust and debris and bed height to maintain a certain distance directly for the sleeping area to create a clean space. Meanwhile,we designed the wooden floor in order to highlight the beauty when you can,depending on the selected material softer warm wood materials.

It is now integrated into the part of the Chinese metropolis decoration European style,we can artificially decorate a round window or false door in the bed part,into European classical elements into the look even more imposing and heroic .

For the small size of the home,the bedroom area occupied may be small,it causes a feeling of constriction. Then we can live on one side of a sheet erected on either side of the bed,a bedside lamp placed inside. This will not only create a fantastic feeling,also from the psychological expanded range of bedroom space.

For the small size of the home,the beds are not made part of the tall furniture,which would make a small bedroom space even more crowded.

4,the main bedroom is a place for rest and relaxation,so the bed is the center of the bedroom furnishings throughout. So other furniture or furnishings will only play the role of a foil,so I try to highlight the bed bleak other furnishings,such as curtains design to be fresh and elegant colors assertive but not cumbersome.

Soft furnishings has been dominated by a large position with the style of interior design plays an absolute influence. Soft furnishings including bedding,tablecloths,sofa covers,carpets and curtains. The bedroom curtains are decorated in soft,occupies a great part. Now house windows are generally excellent lighting,and some are landing,so the curtain area is relatively large,the overall space in the area,and its color and shape are affecting the overall feeling of harmony and beauty. Bedroom urtain style needs based on home-style,as well as the owner preferences,to coordinate with the whole decoration style and to add more beauty to the room and reflect the owner’s taste and sense of art. Generally speaking,the best bedroom curtains are better,there is a sense of elegant and have some light to enter.

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